MDM-FutureFlash Sealant

Manufactured by Tremco –

MDM-FutureFlash Sealant utilizes a solvent-free technology, which represents technical advances over existing Polyurethane systems. Sealant is “drawn,” not “pushed,” into the tube. This method does not allow oxygen in.

The result is a cost effective product with an extended shelf life over other industry brands.

MDM-FutureFlash Sealant is UV stable and delivers superior attachment characteristics across a wider temperature range than competitor products.

MDM-FutureFlash Sealant has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building materials including vinyl, wood, aluminum, and masonry.

Be aware! Sealants can cause Meltdown when in contact with Peel and Sticks. Sealants should not come into contact with the back of rubberized asphalts.

Meltdown… When sealants come in contact with the back of Peel and Stick Flashing, the result is a chemical reaction that cannot be stopped. Window and Door installation can be done carefully, but working over and under flashing after the installation is typically when contact is made.

Using the Moisture Diversion Method® with FutureFlash guarantees No Meltdown!

Don’t allow this to be your result!